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  • Ozone Mixer

    Ozone Mixer

    Ozone mixing t ank Flow volume: Q=2 m3/h,¢350×2800,δ=5mm Function :Ozone into the water in order to achieve the ideal effect of sterilization, the ozone mixing tower, ozone and water in a certain pressure time fully mixed.Read More
  • Ozone Generator

    Ozone Generator

    O zone generator model: JFQ-10 quantity: 1set operating requirement (a)gas source: oxygen (b)power: 400w (c)ozone yield: 10g/h Equipped with a oil-free air compressor and an oil-water separatorRead More
  • UV Sterilizer

    UV Sterilizer

    UV sterilizer(ZM-500) Power:0.5kw Material:sus304 Overall dimension:750×350×650mm Working pressure:≤0.2MPa Function : Sterilization and disinfection of the pure waterRead More
  • RO Filter

    RO Filter

    RO filter RO unit quantity: 1set unit performance output capacity: 2m 3 /h(25 o C) water recovery: 75% desalination rate: ≥97% arrangement mode: 3-2 membrane (1)type & model: rolled reverse osmosis membrane CPA2-8040 (2)desalination rate: ≥97% (3)material: TFC (4)total...Read More
  • Hollow Fiber Ultra Filter

    Hollow Fiber Ultra Filter

    Hollow fiber filter Material:sus304 volume:5T Function : Remove the bacteria, viruses, the harmful inorganic and organic ion in the raw water. Rearrange the water molecules. To make high-purity oxygen-rich water.Read More
  • Precision Filter

    Precision Filter

    P recision filter model: vertical cylindrical output capacity: 4m 3 /h quantity: 1set diameter: Φ200mm working pressure: 0.6MPa pore diameter: 5μm filter body (1)material (a)cylindrical body: stainless steel SUS304 (b)cartridge:polypropylene melt blown cartridge L=200mm...Read More
  • Sodion Exchanger

    Sodion Exchanger

    sodion exchanger Sodium ion exchanging device model: vertical cylindrical quantity: 1set diameter: Φ400mm output capacity: 4m 3 /h working pressure: 0.6MPa operating parameter flow speed: ≤10m/h control mode: manual filter body (1)material: stainless steel SUS304 (2)filter...Read More
  • Active Carbon Filter

    Active Carbon Filter

    Active carbon filter Model: CHT-4 Height: 2200mm Diameter: 400mm Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade) with mirror surface—Made in china. Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and so on. Medium: Shuck shape active carbon...Read More
  • Quartz Sand Filter

    Quartz Sand Filter

    quartz sand filter 1. Sand filter (Multi medium filter) Pictures for reference only Pictures for reference only Height: 2200mm Diameter: 400mm Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade)—Made in china. Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter...Read More
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